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Model D83 - Training Resources

D83 Protecting manual actuator

How the D83 works:

The Model D83 features a thin-profile "radial" design which minimizes the overhang normally seen with most standard torque limiting devices. The Model D83 will transmit enough torque to safely operate any actuator or gearbox, but will not transmit damaging torque. As soon as too much torque is transmitted, the D83's hardened rollers rise out of their detents (overcoming the force of coiled die-springs), and effectively disable any damaging torque from being transmitted any further. The D83's rollers will then automatically re-engage into four radially placed detents and continue operation in the same manner until the input torque is lowered to a safe (preset) amount.

How the D83 mounts:

The D83 is bored specifically to fit over the input shaft of your existing actuator. Simply remove the handwheel (if applicable), slide the D83 over the input shaft and tighten the two mounting screws. Bolt the handwheel onto the D83 or use optional Integral Handwheel Spokes, furnished by ACC.

How to specify and order the D83:

A) Simply fill out this form.


B) Specify the shaft size of your existing actuator, along with your desired trip-torque setting. Also, please specify how your handwheel currently mounts.

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